Ditch toilet paper today. Wash with Autoclean rear bidet

Perfect hygienic clean up. Gentle wash of clean water at the turn of a knob. Luxury redifined for every home. These are just a few of what the ARB has got to offer. Instantly attaches to any toilet. No professional installation needed. You’ll never go back to Toilet Paper again.

Autoclean Rear Toilet Bidet


Ghana 320 GHC 450 GHC

Kenya 6,000 KES 8,000 KES

Uganda 200,000 UGS 300,000 UGS



Ultimate Benefits of using Bidet over toilet roll

Better Personal Hygiene

Toilet paper can leave you feeling unclean. Autoclear rear premium bidet attachments gently cleanse your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to conquer the day.

Preserve Forests Resources

In 2018, America alone used 46.2 billion rolls of toilet paper. Imagine that number including Africa. Switching to bidets could save over 15 million trees and 473 billion gallons of water.

Saves money on Toilet roll

Fun fact: Africa spend a total of $6 billion annually on toilet paper. Yes, you read that right, $6 billion/year on toilet rolls. How much did you give toilet roll company in 2020? Using the autoclean rear bidet will save you a lot of money.


Perfect for everyone.

This dual nozzle bidet attachment which replaces traditional Toilet Paper in your bathroom. Our bidet attachment fits most standard existing toilets and is easy to install. The control allows you to fully control the water sprayer pressure for your comfort with its back sprayer for everyone and front sprayer for women. Its retractable and self cleaning nozzles prevents contamination.

How to Use

Take your throne and do your royal business

Command the knob and wash down the business hole

Adjust the angle and wipe dry

Bidet vs Toilet roll

If a bird pooped on you, would you wipe it off with dry paper or would you wash it with water? Water is the best way to clean just about everything – our dishes, our cars, our hair, and bodies. So wouldn’t it make sense to clean our butts with water after we poop?

The health risks of using toilet paper are exponential. Wiping with toilet paper leaves us stewing in our own mess. That skid mark that we’re collectively sitting on because we didn’t wash with the Autoclear Rear Bidet could lead to some real problems.

Using a bidet changes all that. A cleansing, soothing water wash leaves you clean and shower-fresh all day long.

Besides offering great benefits to users, bidets also help protect the environment. Americans alone use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day which wastes precious resources and damages the environment and ecosystems that rely on trees. When you add Africa to this number, this becomes a really astonishing number. The Autoclean Rear bidet reduces toilet paper consumption by 75 to 100% to give you not only a luxurious bathroom experience but also a green lifestyle.

The benefits of bidet include:

  • - Better Cleaning Than Paper: Using water to clean up after you poop is by far the best method of cleaning and leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

- Eco-Friendly: You save a tree every time you use a bidet as opposed to the toilet roll made from these trees. Please do something nice for your environment by switching.

- Cost-Efficient: Bidet users report using up to 75% less toilet paper than average. This equates to a savings of around $92 per year

- Comfortable and Gentle on Your Skin: Wiping with toilet paper can lead to hemmorhoids and anal fissures which are a real pain in the ass (literally). This is due to the abrasive nature of toilet paper and the fact that the skin around the anus is very sensitive and prone to irritation.

- Hygienic for Women and Expecting Mothers: Most women know that the front to back rule is crucial to help prevent UTIs. With bidets you can throw that rule out the window since there is no wiping involved which is great news for those that suffer from UTIs. Bidets are especially helpful for women on their period as they can help with messy period blood.

- Easy to Use for Those With Mobility Issues

- Less Expensive Plumbing Issues and Clogged Toilets

- Simple Cleaning for Children

- Beneficial for Men: Anal hygiene is for everyone, even men.

Autoclear Rear Toilet Bidet


Ghana 320 GHC 450 GHC

Kenya 6,000 KES 8,000 KES

Uganda 200,000 UGS 300,000 UGS



Still wondering how to install it or how it works? Watch this video.

Installation Steps

  1. Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply Valve.
  2. Step 2: Remove Your Existing Toilet Seat.
  3. Step 3: Attach the Bidet Seat Mounting Plate.
  4. Step 4: Install Your Bidet Toilet Seat.
  5. Step 5: Connect the Water Supply.
  6. Step 6: Start Washing!

Product Details

  • Angle customization: Get a precise clean every time.
  • Pressure customization : Enjoy back and front wash at your preferred comfort level.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle mode: Let the bidet take care of the dirty business for you.
  • Backside certified: Get the same sparkling-clean feeling that all Clear Rear products provide.
  • Standard size: Attach the bidet to any toilet seat in perfect fit.
  • Complete package: Spend less as the box includes everything you need for a convenient installation.

A Healthy Life Starts From Here!


Look at what our happy customers are saying:

"Amazing product I must say, good pressure of water and outstanding quick delivery. It does the job very easy and quick to install highly recommend "

Mariam A.

Verified buyer

"As a muslim, I've always be thinking there must be a better way to clean up. Thank you Trendyz Shop for bringing this, I finally got this and it is very effective. "

Aishat E.

Verified buyer

"Delivery in 2 days. Quality at its best and its function performs at 100%. Installed in 15 min and in addition, inserts on the seat (I did not put) and a joint sealer. Thank you very much to the seller and good luck in business. Men-do not hesitate, because the best perfume is the purity of the body. Highly recommended.

Audre H.

Verified buyer

''Delivery in only 3 days, quality finish, I used another hose head to make the final assembly. Easy to install. The power of the water jet can be adjusted with the handle, man side or woman side. It is really convenient to clean the back neatly. I'm happy with my purchase. "


Verified buyer

"Thank you very much friend you are 5 stars quality and perfect product!"

Augustina B.

verified buyer

"The product is excellent, installed without problems and works well !"

Beatrice T.

Verified buyer

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Okay but(t) how do I dry off?

If your booty is too busy to air dry, you can pat dry with the toilet roll. Using our Autoclean rear bidet dramatically reduces the amount of TP needed by like, a lot – because endless, irritating wiping turns into just a few nice pats when you’re using this.

Where does the water come from? Isn't it dirty toilet water?

No, it's not toilet water! The autoclean rear bidet gets its water straight from your water source (the same water you brush your teeth with). You could totally drink from TUSHY, which would be weird, but hey, you do you!

How does the water get hooked up to the bidet?

It really is as easy as 1-2-3 before you number 2. Simply use the adapter provided in the box to connect the Autoclean rear bidet to the water supply that fills your toilet tank. The included hose will connect the adapter to the bidet. There is no electrical hook-up, it's pressure based, all you need to do is turn the knob and water will come out like bum washin' magic! Takes 15 mins to install on standard toilets!

Does Autoclean rear bidet require electricity?

Nooo way! This doesn’t use any electricity, so it’s even more environmentally friendly and accessible for everyone.

How is it cleaner?

Here's the clean deal: If you got poop on you, would you wipe it off with dry paper? No silly! You'd wash it off. So, why would you treat your butt any different? Not to be cliché like a cheesy 90's infomercial but Autoclean rear bitdet removes allllll the fecal matter with a precise, concentrated stream of H₂O rather than a dry smearin' wipe with TP. Check out all the benefits of a bidet!

Aren't wet wipes just as good as a bidet?

Nope! Yes, in the current wiping climate, wipes of all kinds are easy to use and overly accessible. Yet what the wipe manufacturers don't want you to know is that chronic use leads to significant skin breakdown and increased sensitivity, irritation, cracking and fissures which also can provoke an occurrence of anal condyloma (aka anal warts) in HPV positive individuals. Most people use these wipes, pull up their Calvin’s and move on to their next task, but the moisture that is left behind is a Petri dish for colonization of bacteria responsible for these outbreaks. Wipes also have an incredibly detrimental effect on both the environment and plumbing systems, giving you another reason to bidet your behind. Read more about why bidets are better than wet wipes for your health and the environment!

What is in the box?

1x Autoclean bidet
1x Connecting hose
1x Tee Valve
1x Rubber washer
2x Cover


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